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Company Profile

Name Hamamatsu Tekko Co., Ltd.
Address 701 Shimohongo, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka-ken
Establishment October, 1972
Capital ¥20,000,000
Representative President Isamu Terada
Employees 126 (112 men, 14 women) *In addition,30 temporary dispatch and contract employees
  78 temporary dispatch and contract employees
Site Area 11,481 m2
Building Area 5,644 m2
Major Products Manufacturing engines parts for 2-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles,
  and general-purpose devices, car body parts

Major Clients

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Yamaha Motor Power Products Co., Ltd.

Yamaha Motor Precision Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Yamaha Motor Engineering Co., Ltd.



NTN Corporation


Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co, Ltd.

Yutaka Giken Co., Ltd.

Shinnichi Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.

SANKO Co., Ltd.

F.C.C. Co.,Ltd.

Tenryu Industry Co., Ltd.

Equipment List of major equipment

List of major equipment


Machining equipment
Forging Press 6
NC Lathe 59
Machining/Tapping 30
Drilling Machine 44
Centering 3
Broaching Machine 9
Milling Machine 11
Outer Diameter Polishing Machine 7
Inner Diameter Grinding Machine 10
Double-Headed Polishing Machine 2
Batch Gas Soft-Nitriding Machine 2
Measuring Equipment
CNC 3D measuring instruments
(made by Mitutoyo --)
Contour measuring instruments 1
Surface roughness measuring instruments 1
Roundness/cylindrical shape measuring instruments (made by Tokyo Seimitsu --) 1
Measuring microscopes 1
Micro-hardness testers
(made by Future-Tech --)
Inverted metallurgical microscope
(made by Olympus --)


Apr 1953: Founded in Hikumacho, Hamamatsu
Oct 1972: Reorganized as a stock company with capital of ¥8,000,000,
with Kimiyasu Terada as Representative Director
Jan 1973:
Built new factory at current location in Iwata
Feb 1973: Installed cold forging equipment
Mar 1973: Joined the Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Kyoryokukai (now the Kyoyukai)
Oct 1973: Moved the headquarters to its current location
Aug 1977: Increased capital to ¥10,000,000
Aug 1981: Built Factory No. 2
Dec 1982: Increased capital to ¥20,000,000
Feb 1992: Installed a CAD system
Apr 2000: Built Factory No. 3 and employee cafeteria
Apr 2002: Installed a production management system
Oct 2002: Established PT. HAMATETSU INDONESIA
Dec 2002: Kimiyasu Terada appointed as Chairman of the Board
  Isamu Terada appointed as the President
May 2003: Earned ISO9001-2000 certification
Jul 2007: Built Factory No. 4 (main building) and moved office
  Introduced heat treatment facility
Jun 2010: Introduced multistage forging machine
  (Parts Former 250 t, 7 stages) to PT.HAMATETSU INDONESIA
Nov 2012: Established HAMATETSU VIETNAM Co., Ltd.
Sep 2014: Expanded multistaging forging machine of
Mer 2016: Introduced hobbing machine (a gear cutting process) to


Hamamatsu Tekko Co., Ltd. Quality Policy

We at Hamamatsu Tekko hold making and providing high quality products which always earn “customer satisfaction” as our most important policy.
To achieve this policy, all of our employees practice the following action guidelines, and work to continuously improve quality, quantity, and cost.

Action Guidelines

  • 1.Continuously improve our quality management system, reflecting the needs of the customers.
  • 2.From the production preparation stage, thoroughly implement quality creation activities and provide products that earn the trust of our customers.
  • 3.Follow through with decisions, and always strive to establish a proper corporate infrastructure in pursuit of better quality, delivery time, and cost.

Operation of our quality management system is compliant with ISO9001 requirements, and works to continuously improve our effectiveness. We set, implement, and periodically review our company-wide quality objectives based on this quality policy.
Representative Director and President Isamu Terada

My Declaration of Quality Achievement

“I will follow through with decisions, and do my job so as not to disrupt the next process.”


Coming by Car

Coming from Tokyo
  ● 8 km (20 min.) from the Iwata IC on the Tomei Expressway
  ● 24 km (45 min.) from the Morimachi IC on the Shin-Tomei Expressway

Coming from Nagoya

  ● 8 km (20 min.) from the Hamamatsu IC on the Tomei Expressway
  ● 19 km (35 min.) from the Hamamatsu Hamakita IC on the Shin-Tomei Expressway
*Please use the parking lot on the opposite side of the road (the east side).

Coming by train

  ● 0.9 km (11 min. walk) from the South Exit of Toyodacho Station on the JR Tokaido Line

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