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Management Philosophy: Fervor, Force, Focus

Hamamatsu Tekko enjoys the patronage of many companies for its manufacturing through integrated
production, which has precision engine part machining for 2-wheel and 4-wheel vehicles, and
general-purpose devices as its backbone.
Over half a century since its founding, the environment surrounding Hamamatsu Tekko has changed in
recent years, and technical and managerial prowess are needed to compete both in Japan and abroad.
Hamamatsu Tekko has converted to a tripolar system, expanding from Japan to Indonesia (in 2002) and
Vietnam (in 2012), and is facing serious challenges in order to establish a stronger foundation. We think
of failure as a checkpoint on the way to success. By analyzing and reflecting on failure, but acting
without fear, we will continue to meet new challenges with the belief that "Do nothing and you shall not
fail, but neither shall you succeed."
Hamamatsu Tekko considers their human resources to be human assets, and we put our strength into
human assets development . We shall continue to respond swiftly to diversifying needs, and offer
manufacturing that goes beyond our customer's expectations. It is Hamamatsu Tekko's mission to
develop human resources that will continue to produce our originality.
Hamamatsu Tekko actively provides a forum for mid-career and veteran workers, as well as young
workers. We thoroughly enforce our "5G Principles" (gogen shugi = 五現主義), a business practice that
focuses on the real place (genba = 現場), real products (genbutsu = 現物), real facts (genjitsu = 現実),
real tenets (genri = 原理), and real rules (gensoku = 原則). We work to build a foundation that gives
many opportunities to improve the site of product manufacturing, and offers a forum for young
employees to be active, gain experience, and grow. Hamamatsu Tekko will continue to grow along with
our employees by fostering human assets that can think for themselves what they should do and take
action, so that each employee can achieve their own goals.
Look forward to the future of Hamamatsu Tekko, as we continue to overcome challenges and survive in
the 21st century.